PRÜFTECHNIK's laser alignment systems utilise the intelligent sensALIGN® sensor and laser.

Key Features:

  • Real-time quality by intelliSWEEP
    • Always precise, accurate and repeatable
  • 7-axis measurement system with High Definition PSD, XXL detector
    • Any amount of misalignment can be easily
  • In-built vibration measurement
    • Measure machine vibration before, during and after alignment, no need for additional hardware
  • Environmental vibration monitoring Accurate shaft alignment under the vibrating conditions
    • Precision in-built inclinometer through MEMS Used for backlash detection
  • Communication to the sensor through the laser beam
    • sensALIGN® laser information readily available
  • Integrated class 1 Bluetooth®
    • Wireless communication without additional accessories
  • Rechargeable battery with latest LiPo technology and intelligent power management
    • Long runtime without memory effect

Additional Info


The intelligent intelliSWEEP® HD measure mode actively supports the user by detecting error influences such as coupling play, rotational angle or vibration, and automatically eliminating them.

As shafts rotate, a large number of measurement data is automatically and continuously recorded. This is much more accurate when compared to measurement methods where measurement is taken at three positions only.

Real-time quality factor

The user is kept informed of the quality of the measurement and given hints on how to achieve improved measurement data.

  • Quality factors
  • Rotation angle
  • Ellipse standard deviation  Environment vibration
  • Rotation evenness
  • Angle rotation inertia
  • Rotation direction
  • Rotation speed
  • Filter output

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