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PULLALIGN is tailor-made for the job as it is easy to use and only requires a single operator.

Due to its versatile design and strong magnets, the units mount onto virtually any pulley face or ring gear.

PULLALIGN Lite 2 is a very easy to handle laser alignment system to simply but efficiently align pulleys. Pulley alignment reduces wear of the pulleys, increases machine efficiency, extends the planned maintenance intervals, und finally leads to cost- and energy savings. 

The green laser beam is highly visible on the three targets even under very bright indoor and outdoor light conditions.

Like all PRUFTECHNIK alignment systems, the PULLALIGN Lite 2 piece of equipment uses a single-laser technology. When the green line-laser hits the targets, the user can simply read the actual alignment condition. The optimum alignment condition is achieved when the laser beam hits the same reference line on each target.

Quick Setup

PULLALIGN Lite 2 is securely mounted onto the pulley with a magnet

Height Adjustable Targets

The targets can be easily adjusted in height to display a perfect alignment result

Green Laser Beam

High visibility on the targets even in very bright indoor and outdoor light conditions

PULLALIGN benefits

  • Efficient one-man operation

  • Shows offset, vertical and horizontal angle simultaneously

  • Reflected beam technology doubles the distance, enhancing accuracy

  • Only one laser for complete alignment

  • Reduces down time and energy costs

  • Reduces vibration and belt noise

  • Prolongs belt, pulley and bearing life

  • Time saving method as no cross-checking required

  • Easier to use than conventional methods

  • Supplied in a case or pouch

  • No training required

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