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Plant Management

Learn the tools and strategies best used to maximise your plant investment.

The intensive two day course explores the techniques and ideas to improve plant management of yellow equipment (mobile plant) in the construction and civil industry, and increase return on investment. It builds the confidence and creativity needed to develop new solutions, innovate and change. How much more can your organization achieve, if only your team spoke the same language and rallied behind the same drivers?

Learn how to:

  1. Organize your business to maximize the value of your plant assets.
  2. Make internal plant rates work and maintain alignment between opps and plant. 
  3. Define economic life and develop long term fleet replacement strategies.
  4. Estimate owning and operating costs.Manage and measure the performance of maintenance and repair operations. 
  5. Define and implement maintenance procedures that extend life and lower cost.

*This is an international course that requires early registration, and we reserve the right to reschedule the course if a minimum number of delegates are not registered by 1 July 2018.