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Gearbox Maintenance

In general the gearbox or speed and torque change devise is as important as any other vital part of machinery as its malfunction would affect the entire process in which it is employed.

This 3 day course is designed to provide engineers and superintendents, with a practical working knowledge of Gears and Gearbox Maintenance.

The course is intended to provide the understanding to adopt best practices in maintaining geared systems, identify potential problems, and ensure proper repair procedures and quality

Course Breakdown:

Fundamentals Of Gears

  • Law of gearing, Gear design, Gear-tooth systems, Types of gears.
  • Methods of calculation and integrated design, gear machining, accuracies, corrections, and noise reduction.
  • Methods of increasing load rating.

Materials and Surface Engineering

  • Metallurgy
  • Choice of Steels
  • Heat Treatment
  • Surface Engineering

Gearbox Elements

  • Design and practical considerations of Bearings, Shafts, Seals, and Couplings.
  • Factors that influence life of these gearbox elements.

Gearbox Applications

  • Service factors
  • Load conditions
  • Typical specification
  • Drive installations

Maintenance Principles

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Lubrication
  • Inspections
  • Filters

Health Determination

  • Vibration analysis
  • Lubrication condition monitoring
  • Thermography

Overhaul Principles

  • Replacement Components
  • Assembly
  • Horizontal shafts split through the bores
  • Assembly - vertical shafts horizontal split
  • Bearing and Oil seal fitting
  • clearance setting
  • Testing Running-in
  • Monitoring

Failure Analysis

  • History
  • Evidence
  • Specifications & Design Criteria
  • Operating environment including actual operating requirements
  • Material and lubrication considerations
  • Relevance of various factors
  • Significance of root cause analysis