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Vibration Analyses

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On-site vibration analysis:

  • Measurements for vibration diagnosis
  • Troubleshooting measurements
  • Structure-borne sound, vibration severity, shaft vibration (orbit), natural vibration
  • Time waveform, frequency and order analysis
  • Yellotec provides fast, on-site services and remote diagnosis


Vibration measurements are instrumental in the condition-based maintenance of machines and systems. Conditions can be documented and compared with the state of the art and, in the event of changes in the vibration behavior, the causes can be determined early on.

Root cause analysis and fault analysis in the case of unusual vibration behavior is our specialty. We offer vibration-based machine monitoring and condition diagnosis as part of our on-site and remote services.

In addition to data collection via portable data logging (VIBXPERT ll). we can provide turnkey installation of online monitoring systems linked into client CMS networks.


  • Replacement of standard Planned Maintenance operations with an optimised ISO based Condition Monitoring Programme.
  • Minimisation of risks and costs, and maximisation of safety, uptime, reliability and asset value.
  • Reducing downtime, parts inventories
  • Optimisation of shutdown planning
  • Automated report generation
  • Centralised reporting and database system with integration into clients CMMS system.
  • Long term trending of machine condition and plant compliance 
  • In-house expertise to derive maximum results from in initial baseline measurements, rather than time consuming building of and depending on trends.​