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Lubrication Program Development

Like all new projects, transforming a lubrication program to best practice needs to be planned, managed and well structured. Few organizations have sufficient resources or expertise to see it through. At Noria Corporation, we do.

Our ASCEND™ lubrication program transformation services draw on our core competencies in lubrication, contamination control and oil analysis to help customers achieve maximum, long-term value from their machinery lubrication practices.

ASCEND packages years of reliable expertise into a single suite of services that provide the skills, tools and procedures to deliver a comprehensive lubrication program renovation. They include highly detailed plan of attack – all the way down to the required regrease volume for every bearing. Our experienced and focused team of lubrication engineering professionals do the leg work and can deliver a turn-key solution quickly, so you can begin enjoying the cost-saving, reliability-enhancing benefits of lubrication excellence right away.

Key components include:

Benchmark Assessment

The ASCEND Benchmark Assessment is a gap analysis service designed to compare current facility lubrication practices against best practice. The purpose is to design a roadmap to lubrication excellence by highlighting opportunities for improvement based on both observation of current practice and perceived opportunities.
The ASCEND 600-point assessment survey provides improvement objectives and recommendations for 40 key elements of a lubrication program. The execution of the Benchmark Assessment is typically carried out over three consecutive days.

Engineering Design

Achieving lubrication excellence typically requires minor machine modifications. Your LPD team generates specific guidelines that outline required modifications for each component to allow worldclass lubrication practices to be deployed.
These recommendations include hardware additions or modifications to allow for oil changes, top-offs, flushing, filtration, air breathers, routine inspections and oil sampling.

Proactive Procedures and Work Plans

At the core of the LPD program are detailed best practice procedures and work plans that help transform reactive, “firehouse” maintenance cultures into proactive and productive teams.

We strategically engineer every procedure with a proactive maintenance mind-set. They are designed to eliminate the root causes of machine failure, such as filling with the wrong lubricant or adding too much grease.

Each procedure includes a task summary, a job plan and full procedure for each task. Employees can be trained on the full procedure and then review the steps in the task summaries (abridged procedures) while performing the tasks. The full procedure is a complete “how-to” guide with step-bystep instructions for each lubrication task. The detailed procedure enables new technicians to quickly and efficiently learn how each task should be performed and expand their knowledge of specific machine components.

Empowered with these tools, tasks will be completed with confidence and employees will know precisely what to do. As a result, they will experience a higher level of morale and pride in their workmanship.

Contact us today to learn how quickly and easily you can transform your lubrication program with Lubrication Program Development Services.