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VIBSCANNER EX is the proven data collector and vibration analyzer made for work in hazardous environments.

Especially in industries such as Petrochemicals or Oil and Gas, it is critical to prevent unplanned shutdowns and machine failures as it may cause extensive damage due to the explosive nature of these environments.

From data collection, vibration analysis and machine troubleshooting through to field balancing, VIBSCANNER EX is the all-rounder handheld data collector and vibration analyzer for hazardous environments. Its ATEX zone 1 rating allows you to take advantage of the versatile functionalities of the proven VIBSCANNER in explosive environmental conditions.

With OMNITREND, the universal PRÜFTECHNIK Condition Monitoring software platform, measurements can be stored and analyzed. Diagnosis reports can be generated, measurement tasks can be pre-configured and uploaded to the device for route-based data collection. 

As with all our data collectors and vibration analyzers, you will benefit from free software and firmware updates, and low ownership cost.

Key features

  • ATEX zone 1 rated
  • Intuitive one-hand joystick operation
  • Integrated intrinsically safe sensors for vibration, speed and temperature measurements
  • Advanced vibration analysis functions: FFT spectrum, time wave form and recording
  • Shockproof and waterproof housing (IP65)
  • Compatible with VIBCODE transducer for automatic measurement identification
  • Optional: Field balancing

VIBSCANNER® is an offline condition monitoring system for predictive maintenance. Its comprehensive measurement and analysis functions and the convenient joystick for navigation make this handy instrument ideal for everyday inspection routines. Totally compatible with the OMNITREND® PC software it gives analysis and reporting functions in an easy to understand format to prevent catastrophic machine failure, unplanned production downtime and consequential damage to process equipment VIBSCANNER is the clever data collector for better maintenance:

  • Trending - Use trend curves to follow the development of machine defects.
  • Signal analysis - Time signals and orbits detect damage in low-speed machines, gearboxes or turbo machinery.
  • Machine diagnosis - FFT analysis with enveloping is provided for the diagnosis of machine condition, bearing condition and gear faults.
  • Balancing - Allows one or two plane machine balancing in situ.
  • Protected - VIBSCANNER® is protected by a rugged, waterproof and dustproof case. An intrinsically safe version is also available.

VIBSCANNER® has all the sensors required built into the instrument, and measures the most important machine parameters on rotating equipment: vibration, bearing condition, temperature, RPM, process parameters, FFT spectrum, signal analysis, and balancing.  

The convenience of built-in sensors:

  • Non-contact RPM measurement from distances up to 0.5 meters - no need for reflective tape, functions in poor light. A bright red pointer beam helps in directing your aim at the rotating shaft.
  • Temperature - The retractable, flexible temperature probe ensures optimal surface contact for quick, accurate readings – even in liquid. Or plug in an external probe – IR temperature guns are available.
  • Vibration measurement - the rugged, patented accelerometer measures machine vibration as well as the high-frequency shock pulses emitted by antifriction bearings and cavitating pumps – for a total of three different machine signals all at the same time. 

Display, operation and interface

  • Sensors & interfaces - measure important parameters directly. Use built-in transducers or external sensors attached to rugged connectors.
  • ISO alarm display - four LEDs for 'everything's OK' (blue), 'pre-warning' (green), 'warning' (yellow) and 'alarm' (red).
  • Graphic display - Backlit screen with large intuitive symbols and text in different languages.
  • Joystick navigation - Easy to learn and use. One joystick and two function keys are all the operating controls you need - for right and left-handed users.
  • Power to last - A practical quick-change rechargeable battery in the handle guarantees 8 hours of operation.

Data collection with VICODE®

  • Collect machine condition data in a predefined measurement route or use VIBCODE® for automatic data collection. As soon as VIBCODE® is connected to a measurement location, the programmed measurement tasks start automatically.
  • Adaptive routes - measurement values are compared to alarm limits and stored. If alarm conditions arise, additional  diagnostic measurements start automatically.
  • Electronic notepad - Next to measurement tasks, visual inspection tasks appear as a pick list for entry of inspection data. (e.g. ‘Check oil level’)
  • Intuitive - VIBSCANNER® indicates the end of the route – namely when all measurement locations have been completed.
  • "Machine scan" - easy data collection of non-VIBCODE® measurement locations using a graphical route. VIBSCANNER® graphically displays the next measurement point location with its direction of measurement. This prevents measurement locations from being overlooked or mixed up.

Diagnosis by FFT:

  • Also for bearings and gears:  As well as normal spectra, VIBSCANNER® measures enveloped spectra to diagnose bearing and gear meshing problems. Spectra can be zoomed with the joystick, facilitating field evaluations. 
  • The correct setting: How to measure high-speed gears or low-speed machines? VIBSCANNER® has all the answers in optimized and predefined setups.

Analysis in detail

  • Going into orbit: The movement of a rotating shaft is measured sequentially in both the X and Y axis and displayed as an orbit.
  • Temporarily 'online' Overall values or spectra can be recorded at scheduled times in order to identify the problems in troublesome machines - almost like an online system. 
  • Activating software: The optional balancing, analysis and FFT software are simple to activate in VIBSCANNER® by entering a password - without any changes to the hardware or any additional update programs. You can even try out FFT for 30 hours of operation free-of-charge.

Technical specifications

Measurement channels








Vibration signals (CLD4, ICP®)

Temperature (Pt100 1,NiCrNi )

Transducer & instrument outputs

AC (± 30V; 0 - 20mA)1

DC (± 30V; 0 - 20mA)1

Trigger (5V TTL)



RS 232 (up to 115 kbaud, PC connection),

Headphone, Analog signal (4Vpp; Rout= 200 Ω)

Operating elements


1 joystick (Cursor & ENTER function)

2 keys (Menu and Escape)



Graphical pixel display (backgr. illumination)

Dimensions 54 x 27mm / 128 x 64 px

4 LEDs for status / signal evaluation

Power supply

NiMH recharg. battery with quick-change lock

Electrical data

Charge dur.

Operat. dur.




7.2V / 1.5Ah

< 6 hours (EX:

> 10 hours in intermit. use

> 6 hours in continuous use

with illumination


Internal sensors

Vibration/shock pulse (bearing condition)

- Frequency range

- Resonance freq.

RPM (IR sensor with light point for adjustment)

Temperature (NiCrNi)



±10% 10Hz ... 10kHz3

36 kHz³


Signal processing

r.m.s., 0-p, p-p, Max / Carpet, Envelope, Rectification




Sampling frequencies:



Highpass: 2 / 10 Hz; 1 / 5 kHz

1 / 5 / 10² / 40 kHz

Two selectable stages

Up to 64kHz

(depending on measuring range)

Memory 512 MB (intr. safe: 4 MB)



Protect. class

Rel. humidity




ABS, reinforced with steel fiber

IP 65

10 ... 90%; non condensing

250 x 100 x 55 mm (HxWxD)

approx. 690 g


Temperature range




0 ... +60°C (EX: 0 ... +45°C)

-20 ... +80°C (EX: -20 ... +45°C)

Measurement range / Accuracy



Pt 100

NiCrNi (int.)

 - (ext.)

 - (ext.)

Extra low voltage

(AC / DC)


Extra low current



For internal and external sensors (1μA/ms-² CLD4;

100mV/g ICP®) and external measurement devices

(1mV/ms- ²), the following applies:



Acceleration external:

Acceleration internal:

Shock pulses


Standards met



60 ... 60000 min-1 / 0.1‰


-50...+600°C / 1°+ sensor%

-50...+100°C / 0.5° + 3%

-50..+100°C / 0.5°+ sensor%

100..+1000°C / 1°+ sensor%

-9...+9V / 2% (Ri=30kΩ, with cable VIB 5.440)

-30...+30V / 2% (Ri=100kΩ, with cable VIB 5.433)

-20..+20mA/ 2%; 4..20mA/ 2% (Rshunt =200 Ω, with cable VIB 5.434)





< 9000 μm (p-p) / 1%

< 9000 mm/s (p-p) / 1%

< 6000 m/s² (p-p) / 1%

< 961 m/s² (p-p) / 1%

< 81 dBsv / ± 3dB


Frequency response according to ISO 2954 – other parameters and measured variables according to DIN 45662 class 1

Noise, internal sensor (from 10 Hz)



Shock pulse


0.1 mm/s eff.

2μm eff. (instr.+sensor)

< 0dBsv , peak


External transducer













- CurrentLineDrive (CLD4) transducer

- ICP® transducer1

- Velocity transducer (mV/mms-1)

- Displacement transducer (mV/μm)5


- Optical sensor (passive/active)

- 5V TTL (opt. or induct. transducer)


- NiCrNi (magnetic/probe)

- IR probe

- Pt1001

Intrinsically safe version (option)

Protection class

Prototype test certificate


Ex II 2 G Ex em ib IIC T4

TÜV 01 ATEX 1699

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