With over 550 employees worldwide, Prüftechnik are world leaders in Condition Based Monitoring, Non-Destructive Testing and Laser Alignment solutions across a wide range of industrial applications.

With products, processes and services for condition monitoring and availability optimization, Prüftechnik helps to ensure that your machines run smoothly and generate an output of consistently high quality. This also includes systems for automatic process control and quality assurance that are integrated directly in your production process.



The expert system VIBROWEB XP monitors variable speed and load assets to ensure maximum productivity.

Key Features

  • Intelligent alarms adapted to various operating states
  • Efficient data reduction
  • Compact and simple installation
  • Alarming by email or SMS
  • External triggering of measurements
  • GL certified 

The Online Condition Monitoring system VIBROWEB XP offers data acquisition on up to 8 analogue channels. VIBROWEB XP comes along in two configurations in order to measure either ICP-type or CLD-type vibration sensors. Therefore the system is highly flexible and can be also adapted to existing installations.

Thanks to the compactness the expert system can be installed close to the production-critical application in order to keep installation costs low. 

High performance diagnostic tasks are carried out autonomously to ensure maximum productivity. VIBROWEB XP measures time signals, overall values, FFT spectra, and much more.

An intelligent algorithm combines up to three “operating” states with the alarm management to ensure an optimal monitoring in every machine operating condition. This way, alarms adapt automatically to changing conditions during the production process.

Measurements are seamlessly integrated to process control systems via Modbus. Intelligent data management tools allow for efficient data reduction. Advanced alarm handling tools like variable band alarms and alarm trending allow monitoring specific machine failures like unbalance, misalignment, gear mesh and bearing failures.

For ​machine diagnostic monitoring that pays, VIBROWEB® XP


VIBROWEB® XP is a compact monitoring and diagnostic system which was specially developed for production-critical or process-critical special machines such as, e.g:
  • Extruders
  • Process ventilators
  • Special drives
  • Remote pumping stations
  • Emergency power supplies
VIBROWEB® XP runs through the programmed measurement tasks autonomously – even without a PC connection. As an intelligent diagnostic robot, it detects different operating states of a system and independently adapts the recording and evaluation of the measured data to these states.​


  • Operating - state - dependent measurement and alarms
  • Machine diagnostics are supported by smart measurement functions
  • Variable operating conditions – such as changes in load & RPM – are under control due to fast measurement channel switchover
  • Also suitable for machines with low RPM
  • Compact, simple installation – ideal for individual aggregates
  • Connection for LineDrive or ICP® accelerometers
  • Automatic alarm notification by eMail, SMS, Fax.
  • Autonomous in operation - measurement, evaluation, saving, alarm notification without a PC connection 
  • Sending of measurement data, remote access and remote control  ​via Ethernet, modem or radio – ideal for service staff
  • User-friendly data evaluation and measurement settings with OMNITREND® PC software​
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