VIBRONET Signalmaster

VIBRONET Signalmaster stands alone in the field of high channel count Online Condition Monitoring systems.

The system is the ideal solution for the online monitoring of machineries such as motors, pumps, fans and geared drives. Premounted in a robust switching cabinet, the system is designed for quick and easy commissioning, while being easily expandable.​

Additional Info

The VIBRONET Signalmaster is an online condition monitoring and diagnostic system for machines in industrial plants and distributed operating facilities. The system can be expanded by a series of program modules that are specific to the application:

  • Band analysis module for the automatic evaluation of
  • complex vibration processes in rolling bearings, gears or special machines.
  • Cepstrum analysis
  • Orbit analysis
  • Data server for the automatic or event-controlled readout of data and for transferring them to automation control systems.​
  • systems.


All functions are provided by Java applets. The following range of functions is included in the standard version:

  • Standardized graphic user interface
  • List of all locations in the alarm state
  • List of all locations in the warning state
  • List of all locations with sensor error
  • Trend history for each aggregate showing all essential events (with OMNITREND PC software only)
  • Trend export of the data to the PC
  • Online diagnosis: Velocity, acceleration and envelope spectrums, as well as time records for all acceleration transducers.
  • Alarm spectrum: The system measures and stores alarm signals (e.g. alarm spectra) automatically if an alarm or warning limits are exceeded for the measuring location concerned.

Machine condition using an internet browser

  • Condition overview is indicated on the machine diagram by a change of colours (red, yellow, green)
  • Online trend: General overview of the characteristic values and their current trend.
  • Online meter: Displays the current overall values; change of colours when threshold values are exceeded.


The VIBRONET Signalmaster is not only a monitoring system. Due to its programming capability, it can operate as an automated system that is also in a position to control process and measurement parameters and performs detailed analyses on complex systems (optional).

The VIBRONET Signalmaster can be programmed so that it only indicates the possible initial indications of specific damage. Instead of the message “Vibration monitoring registers alarm”, the VIBRONET Signalmaster can send “Damage beginning on 2nd. gear stage mixer gear 5, material preparation” as an SMS to a cell phone or a fault reporting system in the control room.

External connection

VIBRONET Signalmaster operates as a web server. Therefore, the standard data interface is the TCP/IP Internet protocol. Thus, the VIBRONET Signalmaster can be integrated directly as another computer in an existing network. Data can then be accessed from any point in the network or, even from outside the network via a router. Data exchange on site is possible via an Ethernet patch cable (TCP/IP) or a serial cable connection via the RS232 interface (PPP protocol).

Further possibilities for communication include:

  • GPRS router
  • WLAN
  • Satellite communication
  • Fieldbus connection
  • DDE connection to the PLC


Technical Data

VIBRONET® Signalmaster
Basic unit – VIB 5.802
Analog inputs
6 differential inputs (3 of them synchronous)
Measurement ranges, analog input
±10 V, ±1 V, ±100 mV, ±10 mV
Dynamic range / Resolution
96 dB / 16 bit
Sampling rate, analog input
153.6 / 76.8 / 38.4 / 19.2 / 9.6 kHz
SW downsampling: 4.8/ 2.4/ 1.2/ 0.6/ 0.3/ 0.15 kHz
Frequency range
0…50 Hz to 0…50 kHz, divided into 11 ranges
Frequency resolution
400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800 lines
Envelope analysis
Selectable digital input filter
Tacho inputs
RPM / Counter: 2 x TTL…30 V
Keyphaser:  ± 30 V AC and DC
Digital inputs/outputs
4 x, TTL…30 V
Digital outputs
8 x, 5 V, 5 mA
FET switching output
12 V DC, 1 A, switchable
Measurement functions
Time signal, spectrum, integration of the spectrum,
envelope, orbit, shock pulse, acceleration (RMS), vibration
velocity (peak, RMS)
RAM memory capacity
128 MB
Flash memory storage capacity
1 GB
Ethernet interface
1x, data rate: 100 Mbit
RS 232 interface
2x, data rate: 115.2 kbit​

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