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Batcam 2.0

See What You’ve Been Missing - Visualized Ultrasound
Visualize what you can hear, and what you cannot - Gas Leaks, Electric Faults, Vibration and Mechanical Anomalies

BATCAM 2.0 is the lightest and smallest ultrasonic and acoustic sound camera. This rugged, versatile tool can help you quickly and easily identify a variety of undesirable industrial conditions. With pinpoint accuracy the BATCAM 2.0 allows you to instantly see audible and ultrasonic noises that are hard to detect. With 112 MEMS based precision microphones, the BATCAM 2.0 will help you clearly see what you've been missing.

When a gas leak occurs, it results in ultrasonic wave element, higher than the audible frequency. Ultrasonic wave element is also made when electrical arc occurs. Therefore, in noisy environment, ultrasonic wave element can be measured to determine whether or not gas leak and electric arc have occurred and where they have occurred. BATCAM 2.0 has detected a leak at a distance of 0.5 m at 51 cc/min (0.85 cc/sec) with 1.6 bar pressure pressurized.


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