​FLIR Systems, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes technologies that enhance perception and awareness. 

FLIR bring innovative sensing solutions into daily life through their thermal imaging systems, visible-light imaging systems, locator systems, measurement and diagnostic systems, and advanced threat detection systems. 

Today FLIR advanced systems and components are used for a wide variety of thermal imaging, situational awareness, and security applications, including airborne and ground-based surveillance, condition monitoring, navigation, recreation, research and development, manufacturing process control, search and rescue, drug interdiction, transportation safety and efficiency, border and maritime patrol, environmental monitoring, and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives threat detection.

About FLIR


Packed with Features that Help Take the Guesswork Out of Your Electrical Troubleshooting so You Can Handle the Toughest Jobs

The new FLIR DM93 is a world-class digital multimeter with advanced VFD filtering to help you accurately analyze non-sinusoidal waveforms and noisy signals found in VFD-controlled equipment.


VFD Mode

Accurately analyze non-sinusoidal waveforms and noisy signals in VFD motors and drive controllers.

LoZ Mode
Use the Low Impedance Input filter to eliminate ghost voltage readings in long-run applications.

Continuous Data Recording
Detect intermittent glitches by allowing the FLIR DM93 to collect measurement data unattended over time.

Bright Dual-LED Worklights
Make your work safer and easier by illuminating dimly lit inspection areas.

METERLiNK® Compatibility
Embed electrical measurements into thermal images captured by METERLiNK-enabled FLIR infrared cameras.

Bluetooth Connectivity
Connect to Android devices for remote diagnostics in hard-to-reach and hazardous areas. Also, upload files without the need for special cords.

Rugged, Shock-Resistant
Double-molded rubber case design enhances reliability on the job site and durability for the long haul.

Convenience Features

  • No need to select AC or DC Mode for quick tests

  • Backlight features user-configurable timeout

  • Large, sharp display is easy to see

  • Tool-less battery changing

  • Built-in tilt stand




Additional Info

Technical Summary
  Range Basic Accuracy
DC Voltage 1000.0 V +/- 0.05%
AC Voltage 1000.0 V +/- 0.05%
VFD Voltage 1000.0 V +/- 0.05%
DC Current 10.000 A +/- 0.2%
AC Current 10.000 A +/- 1.0%
Resistance 40.00 MΩ +/- 0.2%
Continuity Threshold 30 Ω +/- 0.2%
Frequency 100.00 kHz +/- 5 Digits
Capacitance 40.00 mF +/- 0.9%
Temperature -328 to 2192°F, -200 to 1200°C +/- 1.0%
Diode Test 2 V +/- 1.5%
General Information
Bluetooth Range Max 32 ft (10 m)
Display Counts 40,000
Safety Category CAT IV-600V, CAT III-1000V
Data Recording 20,000 Pts (125 days max)
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Certifications CE, UL, FCC

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