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Omnitek focuses on lubricant, fuel and plastics testing equipment.

Omnitek provides testing solutions for oil, condition monitoring and plastics as well as professional laboratories and maintenance service departments

They are a manufacturer of kinematic viscometers and moisture analysers.

About Omnitek

BitUVisc Viscometer

The BitUVisc system provides users with completely automatic heating, sampling, measurement and cleaning of high viscosity samples such as bitumen and vacuum residue.

OmniTek introduces the newest member to the U-VIsc family of fully automatic viscometer systems. Specifically developed to cover sample types which pose great challenges to automatic sampling, measurement and cleaning because of their high pour point and viscosity.


  • Compliant with requirements for ASTM D2170, D445 and related specifications
  • Very easy to use and maintain
  • Use of preheated solvent to maximize cleaning efficiency
  • Fully automatic heating, sampling, measurement and cleaning
  • Especially developed for high temperature, high viscosity applications
  • Advanced PC software for storage, reporting and calculations
  • Easy tube exchange. Back to work in minutes without the need for a service tech
  • No external vacuum required
  • Chemically resistant to allow for all common solvents
  • Advanced thermal sensors eliminate the need for reverse flow tubes
  • Sampling using vacuum or pressure allows analysis of volatile samples
  • Can be used from room temperature up to 165°C


Model Features:

  BitUVisc 110 BitUVisc 120
Nr. of baths 1 1
Tubes 1 2
Dimensions 38 x 62 x 78 cm 38 x 62 x 78 cm
Weight 54 kg 54 kg


Applicable standards ASTM D2170, D445
and related standards for kinematic viscosity
Measuring range up to 100,000 mm2/s and / or up to 165°C
Temperature range 20 - 165°C*
Temperature stability ±0.01oC @ 40°C, ±0.015 @ 100°C and higher
Sample volume 15 ml
Solvent consumption 20-30 ml per cycle, sample dependent
Viscometer type Modified Ubbelohde
Sensor type Thermal
PC Control Up to 4 instruments controlled with 1 PC

*For temperatures around ambient, an external cooling circulator is required

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