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The FLIR SC7000 Series is a very flexible camera, with the highest sensitivity, accuracy, spatial resolution and speed.

The SC7000 Series is specifically designed for academic and industrial R&D applications as well as integrators who need to have a very flexible camera, with the highest sensitivity, accuracy, spatial resolution and speed at an affordable cost. The FLIR SC7000 Series provides for the first time the CNUC™ & Hypercal™ technologies which features NUC free operation and a large dynamic range choice. 

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Choice of detector
The FLIR SC7000 Series is available with a wide range of detectors to address any application in single and multispectral analysis. The researcher has a choice between mid-wave Indium Antimonide (InSb) and Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) detectors. MCT detectors operating in the long-waveband are also available.

Removable lens interface
Gives complete flexibility in the optical path that needs to be followed for a specific application.

High resolution 640 x 512 pixels
Some models of the SC7000 series produce crisp thermal images of 640 x 512 pixels. Users that do not need this high image quality for their application can choose a version that produces thermal images of 320×256 pixels. Furthermore, 320×256 arrays make use of larger pixels which enable the camera to be more sensitive.

High Sensitivity: up to 20 mK
20 mk thermal sensitivity captures the finest image details and temperature difference information

External triggering
External triggering allows synchronisation of the image capture to the most fleeting events. Three external analogue signals are synchronously acquired with the image allowing the embedding of external sensor measurements.

Ultra high frame rate with windowing
Depending on the model and detector, the FLIR SC7000 series can deliver thermal images up to a speed of 62,000 Hz. Windowing allows a subset of the total image to be selectively read out with user-adjustable window size at a much higher frame rate. The sub-sample window sizes and locations can be arbitrarily chosen and are easily defined using the camera control software.

Adjustable integration time
Integration time is adjustable in nanosecond increments. The smart external triggering feature allows synchronisation of the image capture to the most fleeting events.

Removable filter wheel
The FLIR SC7000 series comes standard with a removable, motorised 4 position filter wheel. This allows imaging of events in a very narrow part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Multiple video outputs
The FLIR SC7000 series feature multiple independent video outputs including:
• Analog – Composite (BNC)
• Digital – CameraLink
• Digital – Gigabit Ethernet

Precise automatic IRIG time stamp of all images
IRIG timing receiver is built directly into the SC7000 camera providing accurate time stamping in the camera header information. IRIG is a standardised time code allowing equipment to be synchronised to a known reference time. The most common version is IRIG-B, which encodes day of year, hour, minute, and second data on a 1 kHz carrier frequency, with an update rate of once per second.
CNUC™ Calibration
CNUC™ is a proprietary calibration process that provides beautiful imagery and accurate measurement stability. CNUC™ allows for flexible integration time adjustments without the need to perform non-uniformity corrections. CNUC™ calibration also produces accurate measurement stability regardless of camera exposure to ambient temperature variations.

Ensures the best measurement range with the highest sensitivity. Simply set the desired lower and upper temperature limits and the camera will automatically adjust to the appropriate integration (exposure) time.

DRX – Dynamic Range Extension
Dynamic Range Extension allows the acquisition of thermal data from up to four user-defined temperature ranges simultaneously, then merges those streams into a single real-time data stream that spans all four temperature ranges, effectively extending dynamic range from 14-bit to 16-bit.


Specifications of FLIR SC7000 LW Infrared Cameras

Model Number FLIR SC7300L FLIR SC7750L FLIR SC7900VL
FLIR-Orion-SC7000-Series.jpg FLIR-Orion-SC7000-Series.jpg FLIR-Orion-SC7000-Series.jpg
Detector Type Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT)
Spectral Range 7.7 – 9.3 µm 7.85 – 9.5 µm 7.7 – 11.5 µm
Resolution 320 x 256 640 x 512 320 x 256
Detector Pitch 30 µm 16 µm 30 µm
Well Capacity 37/12 M electrons 10 M eletrons 37/12 M electrons
Operability >99.5%
Sensor Cooling Internal Sterling
Electronics / Imaging
Readout Snapshot (4 Channel)
Readout Modes Asynchronous Integrate Then Read Asynchronous Integrate While Read; Asynchronous Integrate Then Read

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