The QL320 is a quantitative optical gas imaging (QOGI) system that allows surveyors to measure the leak rates for methane and other hydrocarbons. This eliminates the need for secondary sampling with a toxic vapor analyser or similar tool. In addition, the QL320 does not require close contact with the gas in order to measure emission rates, making it a safer solution for quantifying difficult-to-measure gas leaks.

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Quantifies Gas with Immediate Results
With the FLIR QL320, you can determine mass leak rates (g/h, lb/h, MT/h), volumetric leak rates (cc/min, L/min, or SCFH), or concentration (ppm-m) for most hydrocarbon gases. Measure the size of fugitive emissions from safe distances, as far as 100 feet.

Ensures Effective Readings and Reports
The FLIR QL320 has the built-in tools needed to validate leak surveys, plus a Δ temperature screening tool to determine the suitability of background conditions. In-field reporting includes archiving of measurements, colourized video and raw data for analysis and post-processing.

Streamlined in-field Results with Q-mode
Used with a FLIR OGI camera’s Q-Mode, the QL320 gathers relative information in the camera and post-processes the data for quantified results without the need to tether directly to the camera.


Image Modes Single image snapshot with colorized plume and quantitative result

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