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About FLIR


The FLIR GF304 is a gas imaging camera which was especially developed for the detection of refrigerant gases without the need to shut down the operation. 

The FLIR GF304 is a gas imaging camera which was especially developed for the detection of refrigerant gases without the need to shut down the operation. 

Refrigerant gases are used worldwide in industrial refrigeration systems for production, storage and retailing of food. Refrigerant gas is also used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and automotive industries and in air conditioning systems. Keeping an industrial refrigeration system running is of great importance due to the value of the cooled goods.

Furthermore, replacing or recharging gas can be a costly exercise. Although refrigerant gases are vital for many industries they can also be dangerous for the environment and may be governed by local regulations. That is why it is of the utmost importance to find leaks quickly and easy.


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Cooled detector

The FLIR GF304 contains a cooled Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector (QWIP) and a cold band pass filter that allow to visualize gases in the 8.0-8.6 micrometer waveband. It will not only make refrigerant gases, but also the smallest of temperature differences, clearly visible.

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Temperature range

The FLIR GF304 visualizes temperatures from -20°C to +500°C.

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Dual use

The FLIR GF304 can be used both for finding gas leaks and maintenance inspections. High voltage, low voltage, mechanical and many other inspections can all be easily done with the FLIR GF304.


Available lenses
The FLIR GF304 comes either with a fixed 14.5° lens or with a fixed 24° lens. A version with interchangeable lenses is also available but requires a US Department of State license.

The FLIR GF304 detects the following refrigerant gases:

  • R404A
  • R407C
  • R410A
  • R134A
  • R417A 
  • R422A
  • R507A
  • R143A
  • R125
  • R245fa


Model Number GF304
Imaging Specifications
Detector Type Cooled QWIP
Spectral Response 8.0 – 8.6 μm
Resolution 320 × 240
Total Pixels 76,800
Thermal Sensitivity <15 mK @ +30°C (+86°F)
Accuracy ±1°C (±1.8°F) for temperature range 0°C to +100°C (+32°F to +212°F) or ±2% of reading for temperature range >+100°C (>+212°F)
Temperature Range –20°C to +500°C (–4°F to +932°F)
High Temp Option Not Available
Lens Options Standard 24° × 18°; Optional 14.5°
Zoom 1 – 8× continuous, digital zoom
Focus Auto & Manual
Color LCD 4.3”; 800 × 480 Pixels
Adjustable Viewfinder Tiltable OLED, 800 × 480 pixels
Video Camera w/Lamp 3.2 MP
Laser Spot Yes
Video Out HDMI
Spotmeters 10
Area Boxes 5 (min./max./avg.)
Profiles 1 live line (horiz. or vert.)
Delta T Yes
File Storage
Radiometric JPG Yes
Radiometric Video (15Hz) No
MPEG Video Recording Yes
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