Troubleshoot more efficiently, create detailed reports easier, and share images and findings faster with FLIR’s latest E-Series thermal imagers. Featuring a fresh array of imaging, communication, and productivity tools to help you get more done in a day.

A heavy weight performer, with a lightweight design. A fresh user interface, operated though a redesigned keypad and improved touchscreen make the new FLIR Exx-Series even more user-friendly than before. New features, such as MSX® and auto orientation, together with the Wi-Fi and MeterLink connectivity, ensure that the FLIR Exx-Series stays the best in its class.

These cameras are ideal for planned or predictive inspections of electrical and mechanical systems to ensure operation at maximum efficiency and safety with minimal energy consumption.​​​​​​​


Wi-Fi & FLIR Tools Mobile Communication

Connect E-Series cameras to smartphones and tablets with our Wi-Fi app. Stream live thermal video so co-workers can watch along. Import radiometric JPEGs, adjust contrast and color, add more measurement tools, then package images in concise reports and email findings right from the field to expedite critical decisions. Learn more about the FLIR Tools Mobile App.​

MSX Thermal Image Enhancement

Numbering, labels and other key features aren’t always apparent in a regular thermal image, often requiring a separate photo for reference. Instead, MSX virtually etches those visual details onto the infrared image in real time to create an all-in-one, thermal picture that shows exactly where problems are heating up. Watch the video to learn more about MSX

Simple Touchscreen Tools

With our latest Dark Precision touchscreen interface at your fingertips, you’ll be able to instantly tap into multiple temperature measurement tools, image modes, archived JPEGs, and more so setting and getting it right is never a hassle.

Multiple Measurements

Add up to three box areas and three moveable spots using the touchscreen to gather more detailed temperature information.



About Exx-Series


FLIR Exx-Series cameras - for Harsh environments and now with Wi-Fi communication

Their class is one perfected through time to be the most advanced at the most affordable price. To make it even better it is so easy to use, you just point and click, it is light weight, and has most of the accessories.