The GFx320 is independently certified as Intrinsically Safe and third-party approved for use in hazardous locations.

The FLIR GFx320 represents groundbreaking optical gas imaging technology for detecting methane, other hydrocarbons, and volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions in areas such as well sites and offshore platforms.

The oil and gas market has long awaited this gas detection solution, as its Intrinsically Safe designation allows the user to work quickly and confidently, and scan for fugitive emissions in more areas than ever before.

Armed with a certified Intrinsically Safe camera that visualizes even the smallest concentrations of methane, hydrocarbons, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), surveyors can get right to work and find leaks up to nine times faster than with traditional gas sniffer methods. The third-party safety certification allows inspectors to work with confidence, knowing that once they scan a hazardous area and deem it safe, they can enter with the camera in hand. By finding leaks and fixing them quickly, your company can protect the environment while avoiding product losses and the cost of regulatory fines.

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Key Features

Hazardous-Location Certified
With third-party certification for use in hazardous locations, the Intrinsically Safe GFx320 represents groundbreaking technology for surveying critical zones that were created to keep workers safe.

Proven Gas Detection Technology
The GFx320 is specifically tuned to visualize fugitive emissions that are impossible to see with the human eye, so surveyors don’t waste time inspecting safe, leakfree components.

Meets Sensitivity Standards
With the potential to detect gases leaking at just 0.4 g/hr, the GFx320 is verified to meet sensitivity standards defined in the US EPA’s OOOOa methane rule.

Accentuates Plume Movement
FLIR’s unique High Sensitivity Mode (HSM) employs proprietary video processing techniques, for a 5x increase in leak detectability.

Temperature Calibrated for Better Contrast
The GFx320 is calibrated for temperature measurement, so users can ensure optimal ΔT between the gas compound and the background scene.

Innovative Ergonomic Design
The GFx320 is designed with workers in mind, with features such as a tiltable eyepiece, articulating LCD screen, and rotating hand grip.

Rugged and Reliable
The GFx320’s rubberized optics and rugged camera housing were designed specifically for your tough work environment.


The GFx320 visualizes more than 400 gases, including:

Methane Methanol Propane Benzene Ethane Propylene Ethanol Pentane 1-Pentene Isoprene Butane Ethylbenzene MEK MIBK Toluene Octane Heptane Xylene Ethylene Hexane

Safety Zone Compliant
At offshore rigs, well sites, and production plants, there’s often a risk of gas collecting and igniting with a stray spark or hot surface. Working in these areas requires special clothing and equipment – if it’s possible at all.

The oil and gas industry has long awaited a gas detection solution such as the GFx320, because its Intrinsically Safe designation allows the user to work confidently and focus on the job at hand. The GFx320 streamlines access for inspectors, potentially eliminating the need for hot work permits in Zone 2/Class I, Div II areas, depending upon company protocols.

Model Number FLIR GFx320
Imaging Specifications
Detector Type Cooled InSb
Spectral Range 3.2 – 3.4 μm
IR Resolution 320 × 240
Detector Pitch 30 μm
Thermal Sensitivity <15 mK @ 30°C (86°F)
Accuracy ±1°C (±1.8°F) for temperature range 0°C to 100°C (32°F to 212°F) or ±2% of reading for temperature range >100°C (>212°F)
Temperature Range -20°C to 350°C (-40°F to 662°F)
Lens Options 14.5° (38 mm), 24° (23 mm)
Zoom 1 – 8× continuous digital
Focus Manual
Display Built-in Widescreen 4.3″ LCD, 800 × 480 pixels
Viewfinder Tiltable OLED, 800 × 480 pixels
Built-in Digital Camera 3.2 MP with two video lamps. Laser spot activated by dedicated button
Laser Spot Yes
Video Out HDMI
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Spotmeters 10
Area Boxes 5 (min./max./avg.)
Profiles 1 live line (horiz. or vert.)
Delta T Yes
File Storage
Radiometric IR Video 15 Hz direct to memory card
Non-Radiometric IR Video MPEG4 (up to 60 min./clip) to memory card
Visual Video MPEG4 (up to 25 min./clip) to memory card
Radiometric Images 14-bit standard JPEGs

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