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N.M.M Innovations Sweden AB, are also known as Sky Eye Innovations; an innovative market leader in unmanned and radio controlled vehicles.

Through their collaboration with Flir Systems and Termisk Systemteknik, the world leaders of thermal imaging hardware and software, Yellotec are able to supply you with full package solutions. Designed to deliver a powerful and far more complete system within the industrial segment than our competitors.

About Sky Eye Innovations

Sky Eye Micro

The Sky Eye Micro provide ideal support for police, fire departments and organizations when making descisions in the field.

Perfect for search, rescue, overview and surveillance situations.  Makes working conditions smarter and safer in dangerous situations.

The Sky Eye Micro UAV  in combination with a Thermal imaging camera designed for tactical in field work. The FLIR Tau II or VUE does not need any light to produce an image which the smallest of movement can be detected. The TAU II and VUE sensors are not only useful in total darkness. They provide the same valuable information during daylight as well. Thermal contrast is extremely difficult to mask. This means that people trying to hide or to camouflage themselves will clearly show up on a thermal image.

Thermal imaging cameras are also not blinded by glare from the sun. They can also see through light fog and smoke and in practically all weather conditions. All this makes them extremely useful for security and surveillance, seeing through smoke during a fire, finding missing persons and other, sometimes lifesaving, applications.

The TAU II thermal camera in combination with the Sky Eye Micro UAV provides an enormous tactical overhand. The Sky Eye Micro UAV is designed for day to day work in the field. It is highly flexible design, foldable for easy transportation and with an optimized flight performance. What makes the Sky Eye solutions unique compared with other UAV’s on the market is that the Sky Eye Innovations platforms are developed for specific applications. Designed and optimized for and around Flir Systems applications this to ensure the UAV performs with a quite unique performance compared with others. Sky Eye Innovations work closely with Flir Systems and their resellers to offer the best and most secure platform for Aerial applications.


  • Weather protected Electronics: closed housing
  • Position lights red, green and white
  • Spark proof connectors 

Power Distribution Board

  • Serves the camera with power from the UAV


  • Lightweight and highly durable
  • G10 Composite plastic
  • Gen 2 Carbon fiber
  • Material heat resistant: up to 100°C 

Video Stream and Connectivity

  • Onboard HD reference camera for Visual view
  • SD-Card recording of video stream on the operators video monitor
  • Double video transmitters to switch between video sources


Wireless HD Video link
Equip your UAV with long-range full-HD video transmission capabilities with zero latency. Encryption AES-128 & RSA 1024 for key Exchange

Heat Sensor
Detect heat before it is to late by adding heat sensor that triggers the alarm

Parachute System
Unique to Sky Eye, proven effective from 10 meters. Takes down your machine at 4 m/s. World leading parachute performance.

Redundant Flight Control System
Allows you to regain control if you would experience a degraded flight performance.



  • Width: 23cm  ​
  • Height: 20cm
  • Length without propellers: 60cm
  • Length with propellers: 78cm
  • Diameter: 80cm
  • Weight with basic Electronics: ~2000g
  • Max Payload: 500g
  • Recommended GVW*: ~3000-4000g
  • Operation temperature: -30 °C - +50 °C
  • Operating speed: 15 m/s​
  • Rate of climb: 6 m/s​
  • Maximum thrust: 120 N
  • Max current flight time: ~45min       
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